The Latest Wooden Fence Trend

There are many ways to decorate your wooden fence. A wooden fence with horizontal elements can complement various home styles and landscapes, whether it’s a ranch, country, or modern style. Choosing a wood-plastic composite fence for your home’s exterior can add an updated look to a traditional vertical fence. Trex composite fence panels are constructed of recycled wood and plastic bags. They won’t rot and are easy to maintain. They feature a board-on-board layout that makes them appealing and durable.

You can also add a designer flair to a wooden fence by cutting its slats into pointed shapes. This technique requires a little extra work, but can transform a boring fence into a feature. This style works well if you want your fence to mirror multiple roof peaks. You can buy pre-stained wood to save yourself the time. Also, you can buy pre-made wood fence panels that are sturdy and trendy.

Besides being flexible, a wood fence can be easily modified to fit any look you might be going for. It takes paint nicely and you can add decorative trim and touches to it to make it look more attractive than it really is. Another way to customize your wood fence is to add scalloping. This style creates concave or convex cuts to the fence, similar to a sea creature’s shell. This type of fence is a great choice if you want to create a more personalized fence for your outdoor space.

Cedar and pressure-treated pine are two popular choices for a wood fence. Pressure-treated pine is less expensive than cedar and is just as effective. Pressure-treated pine and cedar fences are treated with a preservative. The wood is then treated, which will make it last longer and less vulnerable to damage from weather conditions. You will need to re-stain or paint it every two or four years. This is an excellent option for long-lasting fence.

Besides enhancing the look of your home, residential wood fences can also help mark boundaries, add to curb appeal, and enhance safety. There are various styles of wood boundary fences, but you must choose the one that goes well with the architectural elements of your home. The most classic and popular fence style is the picket. Pickets feature pointy edges, which discourage climbers. Their pointed edges also repel water, making them longer-lasting.

Adding a fence to your home not only increases its value, but also decreases the time it spends on the market. Buyers like homes with private backyards, and less time on the market means less interest for you. Whether you are building a fence to protect your family from intruders or to enclose your garden, a fence will increase your property value. You will also be saving yourself money if you don’t have to pay to hire a fence company.

Another popular garden fence design is woven hurdle fencing. Woven hurdle fencing is a rustic, woven fence made from pliable branches. This type of fence is also relatively inexpensive and can be shaped to fit curved boundaries. Because the branches are cut to fit any size, it can be a great option for those with limited budgets. The open structure of a woven hurdle fencing also makes it easy to customize. Depending on the size of your kitchen garden, a woven hurdle fence can be adapted to any style. For more details on Markham wood fence visit